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<Working with BreakpointsPhp debugger errors>
Last updated: Fri, 12 Jul 2013

Debugger Install Errors and troubleshooting

1. After debugger module installed, php returns error:

PHP Startup: dbg: Unable to initialize module. module compiled with api=XXXXXX. PHP compiled with API=YYYYYY. These options need to match.

This error means that you installed dbg module intended for a different version of php. PHP API number changes from version to version and debugger module has to match this number. PHP performs this check when loads all extensions. For example, in attempt to load dbg-php-5.2 under php 5.3, the following error will be displayed:

DBG requires Zend Engine API version 220060519. The Zend Engine API version 220090626 which is installed, is newer.

To solve this problem you have to install debugger module that matches your php version. If you run php 5.3, please install dbg-php-5.3.* module.

2. I installed debugger module, but it refuses to appear in phpinfo

There are multiple possible reasons for this problem:

  • You forgot to restart web server or didn't refresh page in the browser
  • Installed module does not match php version, or has different Thread Safe option, or compiled for a different CPU type, or compiled for a different platform. It's easier to check using dbg-wizard.php script. In some cases it's useful to check debugger module and php binary with file utility. This utility will print target platform and CPU
  • Debugger module was corrupted while uploading to the server. Some ftp server and sftp clients are known to change 0x0A to 0x0D,0x0A or vice versa. Compare file size and md5sum of original file and file on the server
  • Check web server error log. If you see an error, try to find answer in the KB

3. PhpED fails to start debug and displays error message stating that I need DBG version 5.0...

A particular version of NuSphere PhpED can work only with debugger modules that distributed with this version of the product.
If you worked with some version of PhpED and then upgraded to more recent one, you have to update debugger module on the server too.
For your convenience, debugger modules for all supported server platforms are installed with product into %PROGRAMFILES%\nusphere\phped\debugger\server subdirectory. For example if you have phped installed phped into c:\Program Files (x86)\nusphere\phped, you'd check c:\Program Files(x86)\nusphere\phped\debugger\server.

In order to install debugger module, please proceed with HOWTO: install debugger module.

6. FAQ: Can't start debugger on remote server

When I try to run a page with debugger I see x.x.x.x client connected and x.x.x.x client disconnected in DbgListener log window. Nothing else happens. How to run debugger ?

This is an expected behaviour if you unchecked "break on start" in the debugger settings and didn't set any breakpoints at all or debugger didn't reach any of the ones you have set.

<Working with BreakpointsPhp debugger errors>
Last updated: Fri, 12 Jul 2013