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Last updated: Sat, 30 Dec 2023

General Support Q&A

1. How do I contact NuSphere Technical Support?

NuSphere Corp provides ticket-based prioretized technical support by email. Both customers and evaluators are welcome to submit issues to support directly using this form. In most cases issues are reviewed within 1 working day
Also there is online forum available with sections dedicated to NuSphere PhpED, Php Debugger, NuSphere Php Encoder (nucoder), NuSphere Php Accelerator (phpexpress), NuSphere Php Application deployment solution (phpdock), NuSphere Php SOAP library (nusoap) and Technology Platform. It's where you can contact other users, share ideas, post questions etc.

2. How can I suggest an enhancement to NuSphere products?

Please contact support and they will pass all the info to engineering Also you can post your ideas about NuSphere PhpED, Php Debugger and other products on the forum too.

3. What information should I provide to Technical Support in order to get response timely?

When asking a question of technical nature you should provide the following information:

  • Your operating system details
  • NuSphere product version
  • Full description of your problem
  • Description or screenshot of the error messages received
  • Details on what you were doing at the moment when the error occurred
  • How frequently the error happens, can the problem be reproduced
  • Let us know if you're aware of workaround to the issue
In case if the problem happens in NuSphere PhpED, please run it again and it will ask you to submit crash-dump and short description directly to NuSphere. Please follow it. If crash-dump was not created, you can create Windows mini-dump yourself. First - reproduce the problem again, then create a mini-dump by right clicking on the process in Task Manager. Note that it works under Vista and higher. If you use Windows XP, mini-dump can't be created from Tas Manager. You have to set Dr.Watson properties or use Process Explorer tool written by Mark Russinovich (available from MS web site). Note that mini-dump file is normally 100MB and even larger. It can't be sent to NuSphere Support by email. Please copy this file to public file share and send us the link instead.

4. What are the working hours of NuSphere technical support?

Technical support is rendered from 8 am - 5pm EST, Monday through Friday, excluding US public holidays. If you contact us during non-business hours, your issue will be promptly reviewed and responded on the next business day.

5. What kind of assistance is offered in the technical support packages?

NuSphere Technical Support is designed and dedicated to assist customers in achieving success in installing, configuring NuSphere products, developing applications using NuSphere products and deploying developed applications. Reported incidents are limited to specific technical issues or functionality that you experienced with NuSphere products only. This would include support for installation and configuration issues (part of your 14-days Installation support service and 1-year subscription if applicable), and technical issues that relate to the use functionality of NuSphere products.

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Last updated: Sat, 30 Dec 2023