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<Install debugger modulePrerequisites>
Last updated: Sun, 26 Feb 2023

Authenticated debug sessions *

Starting with version 20 NuSphere PhpED supports SSL/TLS client certificate authentication to provide only authorized clients with access to debugger. Client certificates are checked on the server side with a configured list of trusted Certificate Authority (CA) certificates. Provided example is intended to help create certificates for authentication purposes, configure debugger and PhpED IDE to enforce the authentication. The process does not involve any external organizations and is absolutely free. Although it's possible to use certificates signed by external certificate authorities (CA), CA term in this example means only root self-signed certificate and associated configuration, not an organization.

*) feature is supported by SSL-enabled debugger modules available to PhpED PRO customers only
**) IDE creates default client and CA certificates for the IDE and keeps them in %APPDATA%\NuSphere\PhpED\config\openssl directory. They are used by default if either client certificate or key is not configured in the debugger settings.

<Install debugger modulePrerequisites>
Last updated: Sun, 26 Feb 2023