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<Php debugger install errorsTroubleshooting php debugger communications>
Last updated: Fri, 12 Jul 2013

Debugger Errors and troubleshooting

The easiest way to troubleshoot debugger problems is to run Project Settings Wizard in PhpED. Click [Wizard] button on the bottom of Project Properties dialog and follow its instructions. You will need dbg-wizard.php script on your server. Wizard can upload it for you if project has an associated publishing account. With this script Wizard can identify almost all common problems and suggest solutions for them. Should a problem happen that you can't solve, you may want to contact support and provide screenshots of all the wizard pages.
But if you want to check without the Wizard or if the Wizard didn't help, follow steps below:

  • Make sure that debugger module is installed on the server. Open phpinfo() page and check whether DBG section is listed here with all settings including debugger.enabled. If it's not shown, proceed with HOWTO: install debugger module instructions.
  • Drop debugger settings to defaults shown below and make sure that changes are reflected on phpinfo() page after web server restarted:
  • Check that debugger IP security allows it to connect to your development machine. In order to do this, run PhpED, then run phpinfo page with DBGSESSID appended like below:
    If instead of a regular phpinfo page you got an error message stating 'connection at xx.xx.xx.xx:yyyy is not allowed', you have to allow it. Please follow these instructions
  • If running phpinfo page with DBGSESSID request brings an error message stating 'connection timeout', you have to check whether your server and development machine are connected to the same network. If your development machine and server are in different networks, which is the case if you're are trying to debug public web server from development machine at home or corporate network, you have to either use SSH tunnel for debugging or setup NAT-Forwarding on the router(s) that connects your development machine to the public network.
  • Make sure that the web server process with debugger module is allowed to communicate with IDE running on development mahine. You have to check firewall running on your server and allow outgoing TCP/IP connections on configured debugger port. If you run SE Linux in enforced mode, you have to explicitly allow web server process (e.g. Apache) to make outgoing TCP connections on debugger port(s).
  • Check firewall on your development machine to allow dbglistener.exe accept incoming connections
  • If you use SSH tunnel for debugging, please proceed with these troubleshooing instructions, otherwise proceed with these instructions

<Php debugger install errorsTroubleshooting php debugger communications>
Last updated: Fri, 12 Jul 2013