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<Installation and Configuration Q&AWorking with PhpED Q&A>
Last updated: Sat, 13 Jul 2013

Debugger related Q&A

1. Does phped support debugging under Apache, NginX or IIS?

Certainly it does. PhpED supports debugging php scripts with any web server running php under Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OSX, Windows and many other supported platforms. All you need is debugger module installed on the server. See HOWTO: install debugger module for further details on how to install debugger module.

2. FAQ: How to run PHP debugger?

First of all, you need NuSphere PhpED installed on your development machine. Then install php debugger on your server. Then you may follow one of the ways described here

3. I have installed debugger and NuSphere PhpED but debugger fails to start

It's easier to run Project Settings Wizard in PhpED to troubleshoot debugger problems. Click [Wizard] button on the bottom of Project Properties dialog and follow its instructions. Should you encounter a problem that you can't solve, you may want to contact support and provide screenshots of all the wizard pages.
But if you want to check without the Wizard, read PHP Debugger Errors and troubleshooting

4. As I see debugger uses DBGSESSID. What is its syntax?

Indeed, debugger triggers on DBGSESSID variable that uses the following syntax:



nnn - is session ID (any positive number or zero)
NOTE: negative value stops debug session and drops cookie

host - is a host name or IP address of the machine where your run the IDE.
You may want to use "clienthost" which is a keyword; in this case debugger will look for client IP address in $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']. If you use SSH tunnel for remote debugging, the address is always (localhost) or ::1.
See this topic for further details on how to set remote debugging through SSH tunnel

flags - set of the following flags delimited with commas:
s=skip - skip number of HTTP requests before actual session should run
d={0|1} - start debuger
c={0|1} - enable/disable session
p={0|n} - start profiler, where n = 1 or 16 to run Line Profiler or SQL Profiler respectively, or sum of two to run both simultaneously

For example:

See HOWTO: Run debugger and how DBGSESSID can be used.

<Installation and Configuration Q&AWorking with PhpED Q&A>
Last updated: Sat, 13 Jul 2013