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NuSphere PhpED - Versions comparison

The table below represents the differences between PhpED Personal and Professional versions. For detailed information about PhpED features please see features overview.
Feature PhpED 21.0
PhpED 21.0
Full support for PHP 8.3 + +
Dynamic Syntax Highlighting Flash Demo + +
In-place Highlighting for Variables, Methods, and Functions + +
Code Folding Flash Demo + +
Support for Unicode and more than 300 international charsets Flash Demo + +
Modern Look&Feel, Intuitive Docking, File Groups Flash Demo + +
Full Support for Remote Projects + +
Syntax Highlighting for multiple languages, including PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, Smarty And Many Others + +
Auto Highlite Variable (Mark Occurences) for PHP, JavaScript, HTML + +
Code Reindent + +
Code Templates + +
Code Completion for PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS Flash Demo + +
Support for HTML DOM, jQuery and extJS code completion + +
Support for TypeHints in PhpDoc, CssDoc and JsDoc + +
Project-Wide Code Explorer + +
Position-Tracking Code-Navigator Flash Demo + +
Tool Tips for Function Arguments + +
Inline Syntax Error Analysis for PHP, HTML, CSS, JSON, JavaScript and SCCS + +
Support for HTML5.0 and CSS3.0 + +
Support for LESS + +
Support for Drupal, Joomla, Zend Framework and other PHP Frameworks + +
Inline HTML Validator * + +
Workspace Manager with support for Worksets and Projects Flash Demo + +
Pre-built PHP DBG Debugger for popuplar platforms including Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OSX, and others + +
Local PHP Debugger Flash Demo + +
Remote PHP Debugger Flash Demo + +
JavaScript Debugger + +
Remote CLI Debugging + +
Php Framework Support: MVC display, Code Insight and debugging + +
Safe PHP debugging with IP-Based Debugger Security + +
Safe PHP debugging with TLS-Encrypted Debugger Protocol   +
Authenticated access to PHP debugger with SSL Certificates   +
Debugger Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome + +
Expression True Global Breakpoints + +
Triggering Debugger on Errors and Exceptions Flash Demo + +
Multiple Parallel Debug Sessions + +
Evaluate and Modify in PHP Debugger Window + +
SSH Tunnels for Remote PHP Debugging + +
Advanced PHP profiler + +
PHP SQL Profiler + +
PHP Memory Profile + +
One mouse click refactoring with side by side changes viewer + +
Side by Side Differences viewer for Local and Remote Files + +
Full integration with phpUnit for test managament Flash Demo + +
Code Coverage + +
phpUnit in Remote Projects + +
Quick Search and Find Usage for easy navigation in PHP Editor + +
Numbered and Unnumbered bookmarks + +
Fast Open File in PHP Editor + +
Launch Box + +
Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome embedded browsers + +
Working with Different External Browsers + +
Smart Upload/Download/Sync Web Site Synchronization + +
Publishing with FTP, FTPS(SSL), SFTP, WebDav, WebDav/SSL and Samba/Windows Share protocols + +
Multiple publishing targets per project + +
Embedded Terminal Client (Telnet and SSH) + +
Php Documentor * + +
CVS Support + +
Tortoise CVS, SVN, Mercurial and GIT Support + +
Database Client + +
Edit & Preview for HTML, CSS and PHP + +
Support for all versions of PHP from 5.4 up to 8.3 + +
Integration With Nucoder PHP Encoder + +
Project Settings Wizard + +
NuSoap Wizard + +
NuSoap Library for Building SOAP Servers and Clients + +
DB Wizard + +
Context Sensitive Help + +
Embedded SRV Web Server for Local Debugging + +
Bundled PHP-5.6, PHP-7.4 and PHP-8.3 packages + +
Standalone PHP-8.2 package   +
1 Year of Free upgrades to new major versions and other new releases + +
1 Year of Free maintenance updates, including hot fixes + +
14 Days Installation Support + +
Prioritized 1 Year Technical E-Support   +
License permits using the product for personal needs only +  
License permits using the product in companies and in other commercial entities   +
Multi-license discounts available   +
Price (Downloadable Version) $99
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Order Now Order Now

* These features are provided by 3rd party tools.

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