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Nu-Coder - PHP Encoder from NuSphere

Although the open-source distribution model is widely adopted by the PHP development community and works very well in many cases; encoding and protection of PHP source code is often critical to the distribution of commercial PHP applications.

NuSphere has developed Nu-Coder - a powerful PHP Encoder that enables PHP developers to protect their PHP code from tampering and unauthorized copying.

Nu-Coder converts the source code of PHP Script into compiled PHP bytecodes for both accelerated runtime performance and maximum security.

Nu-Coder's License Manager provides the second layer of protection and gives you the flexibility to manage the distribution of your PHP applications.

Why do you need to encode PHP Applications?

Piracy Protection: PHP developers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can safely distribute their source code, knowing that their intellectual property is protected.

Reduced support burden: Since technical support personnel will be able to rule out PHP source code modifications.

Enhanced compliance: Enterprise customers can enforce internal policies and easily provide the support for a company's PHP Applications.

Why choose PHP Encoder from NuSphere

Nu-Coder is brought to you by the same team of PHP Development experts, who wrote DBG PHP Debugger, PhpED and PhpDock. It is built on the same high standards of productivity and innovation that PHP developers have come to expect from NuSphere products. The following are just some of the key benefits of the Nu-Coder PHP Encoder:

Ease of Use: Encode your entire PHP website with one click of a button.

Highest Performance: Your source is protected and it runs faster!

Tightest integration: Encode your PHP Files and entire projects in NuSphere's PhpED - PHP IDE with just one mouse click (available in PhpED 5.0). NuSphere's PHP Deployment solution PhpDock comes with full support for PHP scripts encoded with Nu-Coder.

Technical Support: We confidently stand behind our products and that includes our industry-leading technical support.

What is NuSphere's strategy for providing the best of breed encoding solutions for PHP

NuSphere uses the same development strategy for all of its products. You can count on getting the best quality and the easiest to use PHP encoder from us.
In Version 3.1 of Nu-Coder you will find the set of features that is necessary to easily encode any PHP project of any size and complexity. Nu-Coder Version 3.1 provides:

The most productive encoding of PHP files

Easy to use highly intuitive Graphical User Intreface

Maximum compatibility with PHP versions starting with PHP 4.3 and all the way up to PHP 5.3

Multi leveled Obfuscation not only replacing the names of the local variables, but also the functions, making unauthorized reverse engineering enormously difficult

Support for end-user licenses with time expiration, ip/domain restrictions, and MAC restrictions provided with License Manager

Unmatched support for PHP scripts using all possible PHP syntax constructs.

Full Support of future versions of PHP

And much more

Enjoy NuSphere'suser friendly policy of Free Upgrades and get future versions of Nu-Coder with more exciting features. Upcoming versions of PhpED and PhpDOCK will also feature full support and integration with Nu-Coder

Protecting PHP files with Nu-Coder

You can encode PHP files using Nu-Coder's GUI or powerful command line interface. You can also invoke Nu-Coder from within the user interface provided by NuSphere PhpED. Your users will need NuSphere PhpExpress to deploy and run the encoded PHP Files. PhpExpress is available for free download and distribution. PHP Express is also built in NuSphere PhpDock, which now fully supports deployment of encoded PHP applications.

PHP Encoder  in PHP IDE

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