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PHP Encoder in PHP IDE

If you are using Nu-Coder - NuSphere's PHP Encoder you can configure and use Nu-Coder to encode php files of your PhpED Project. PHP Encoder tab is called "Encoder". It is available in Project Properties and can be used to specify the options used for the encoding of Project php files with Nu-Coder. This is how the Encoder Tab in PhpED looks like when Nu-Coder is installed on your system: PHP Encoder  in PHP IDE
When Encoding with Nu-Coder is configured and enabled, you can encode your Project files using Encode Project menu item from Tools menu or Encode item on the Project popup menu. Encode PHP in IDE

How to encode PHP files in PHP IDE

To enable the Encode functionality for the Project you need to Check Enable Encoder check box on Encoder Tab.You can encode php files in PhpED and leave the output on the same machine or upload the Encoded PHP files to the remote server.

Destination and Options tabs are used to specify how to encode your files with Nu-Coder. Nu-Coder also features sophisticated Command Line Interface described in Nu-Coder manual

How to specify the destination for encoded files

You can specify where to place the encoded files of the Project using the Destination options of Encoder tab:
  • In designated directory tree. Select it to place encoded files in another directory. You will need to specify the target directory along with this option
  • In-place, with appended extension. Select it to keep the encoded files in the same place with the source files but append the extension as specified in the input filed
  • Remote Server - encode before uploading. Select this Destination option if you want your files to be encoded automatically when they are published to the Remote Server. When this option is selected the files of the Project will only be encoded at the time of the publishing.
How to specify the Options for PHP encoding

You can specify the options for encoding of your Project files using the following tabs of Encoder page of Project Properties:
  • Options tab - to set the options used for encoding
  • Protection tab - to enable licensing for encoded php files.
  • Exclusion tab - to specify the files, which should be excluded from encoding or license protection
  • Header tab - to customize the header in encoded php files
  • License manager tab - to generate the license file and make it required for execution of encoded php files
Please note that these and other options are also available in Nu-Coder Command Line Interface.

In this tutorial you learned about NuSphere's PHP Encoder integration with PHP IDE. Download NuSphere PhpED and Nu-Coder today and see for yourself how easy it is to develop and protect your PHP code with NuSphere product suit.

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