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PhpED is a proper, world-class IDE for PHP code. It is the only IDE worth considering if PHP development is your primary job

PHPEd has sped up our work speed by at least 50% - especially if the code is a little more complex working with PHPEd is a big reward for the person coding PHP as it speeds up debugging and makes it actually fun. No PHP coder should work without a great tool like that." Read the full story

Carsten Schmitz,
LimeSurvey Project Leader

"Your IDE is the best thing out there for php programming today. Keep up the great work!"

Clint Sulis,
Multimedia Internet Services, Inc.

"A fantastic piece of software! After years of wondering why no one has developed good software for PHP development, finally NuSphere has the answer."

Ryan John O'Neill,
Pupil Tracking Limited

"The product is great! It's good to have a tool to do ALL the programming and debugging."

Tony Wosnjuk,

"I found myself gravitating towards PhpED for the following reasons:
1) Integration with the database client and ssh client
2) Integration with CVS is much better (Actually still having trouble getting CVS to work with Zend)
3) PhpED allows me to work with both PHP 4 and PHP 5 at the same time, with Zend I needed to select on or there other
4) PhpED seems to run faster
5) PhpEd puts documentation at my fingertips easier.

Also, I like the Smarty Template highlighting, since we do almost everything with Smarty."

Sved Davies,

"We just wanted to say that we're real excited about having purchased the NuSphere license ... we made a list of advantages, as compiling our decision, so here they are:
- biggest plus: Native executable instead of Java
- So much faster (again, no Java)
- Really like the built-in ssh console
- Like the multi-level workspace window (with folders in the top pane and files in the bottom pane)
- Decent documentation"

Kevin Bombino

"To be honest its bloody awesome, I have looked at loads of PHP editors and this is THE only one that actual works straight out of the box!!! Brilliant, well done."

Andrew Breward,
Director of Technology

"For serious PHP application development involving any non-trivial distributed debugging, PhpED is really the only game in town. It's easy, fast and powerful - we love it!"

"I must say I just love using your product. I have noticed certain things are so much better in v9 than v5.6"

Ric Easton,

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Walk through NuSphere PhpED interface
PhpED video tutorial: Webservices
Learn how to add webservices to your code in less than 5 minutes (a flash demo).

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