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NuSphere PhpED 21.0 - New Features

PhpED Version 21.0 truly delivers for PHP developers. Not only PHP Editor/IDE now supports PHP 8.3 and previous versions, it also supports Cascading debugger evaluation tooltips that significantly improve user experience -- they work faster with large and small data volumes, they are persistent and updated on the fly while you're stepping through the code.
New version helps find spots in code that either has already been deprecated or not supported anymore. It comes with improved support for popular PHP Frameworks, updated crypto library in debugger and PHP Editor is now running faster with updated versions of built in browsers and lots of PHP Tools, integrated terminal can launch phpUnit for local and remote tests and much more new on v21 combined with PhpED's traditional strength of PHP Debugger and lighting fast Intellisense.

More about PhpED v21:

Full Support for PHP 8.3 in PHP Editor/IDE and PHP Debugger. Full support for code highlighting, debugging and profiling. Read more about PHP 8.3 in PhpED v21

Cascading debugger evaluation tooltips save developer' time. Instead of fetching and showing large arrays or classes, it shows only part of interest and does so fast. Also you can keep focus on the values picked in the tooltip and keep stepping through the code -- they are updated on the fly and reflect current values. Original tooltips are still available as an option.

Phped v21 brings yet even safer PHP Debugger - it relies on encryption provided by OpenSSL 3.0 that supports communication with TLS 1.3. Debugger supports client, server amd mutual authentication with customer SSL certificates

Built-in SSH client relies on OpenSSL 3.0 crypto library which is in the active maintenance phase.

Improved Intellisense warns about using deprecated and phased out functions and classes in standard php extensions or in 3rd party frameworks that use corresponding PHP Doc tags

Support for Laravel 9.x and Symfony 5.x PHP Frameworks with navigation through M-V-C, Code Insight including Code completion, tooltips and find declarations.

Support for Code Coverage. When running phpUnit tests, the newly added Tools->Coverage window will show how well your code base is tested.

Support for remote launch of phpUnit in Remote Projects. Remote Projects have been one of the most popular features since PhpED 16.0

Update of CSS and HTML documentation. Now CSS3.0 and HTML 5.0 context help is available

PhpED v21 comes with Chrome built-in browser, updated 3rd party libraries including but not limited to openssl, zlib, expat, sqlite, ldns etc.

And much more - PhpED v21 is substantially faster. It is a true full stack Web Development IDE.

Features introduced in previous version

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Andrew Breward,
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