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PhpED on Mac/Linux

PHP IDE for Linux and Mac OSX

NuSphere PhpED - is the PHP IDE of choice for thousands of PHP developers working on Windows. Remote debugging of PHP scripts on any platform is also supported in PhpED Professional. Our Mac and Linux users can now use NuSphere PHP IDE on their Operating Systems and even have multiple ways of doing that:

PHP IDE on Mac with Wine
PHP IDE on Mac with Parallels

Which PHP IDE option should I chose?

There benefits and disadvantages in using either Wine or Parallels. The development team that delivered PHP IDE for Mac and Linux will of course provide the support needed for PhpED on both Wine and Parallels. The list of the highlights of both options is below:

PHP IDE On Mac and Linux with Wine

  • Wine is open source, it is FREE and it doesn't require the Windows license. This is very hard to beat obviously.
  • Running PhpED on Mac or Linux with Wine is almost the same as running PhpED on Windows - Wine is the Windows API implementation and not a simulator.
  • There are many other PhpED users running on Wine and some are even so incredibly kind to provide the tutorial to the fellow PHP developers. Please read more about PHP IDE on Mac with Wine
  • Unlike Parallels, Wine doesn't enjoy any commercial backing, it is pure open source application distributed as is. Another way to put it - there is nobody to yell at if it doesn't do exactly what you want it to do. PhpED team, however is always standing by of course, providing support for the issues related to the PHP IDE itself.
  • Some of IDE functions are not available on Wine just yet. None of them are show stoppers and all of the holes will be closed eventually anyway, but in the interest of full disclosure we listed the things that need work on PHP IDE on Mac with Wine page

PHP IDE On Mac and Linux with Parallels

  • Parallels is a commercial product, fully supported by Parallels, an SWsoft company.
  • Even though we didn't count exactly, based on the feedback from NuSphere PHP IDE community we know that there is really a large the number of users running PhpED on Mac with Paralles.
  • PhpED on Mac or Linux with Parallels provides the same functionality available in Windows version with out limitations
  • Parallels cost money and requires Windows license - deep sigh here. It is fully worth it though

PHP IDE for Mac and Linux home pages

You can get familiar with both Wine and Parallels implementations of NuSphere PHP IDE for Mac and Linux by reading the material available at PHP IDE on Mac with Wine and PhpED on Mac with Paralles.

To learn more about NuSphere PHP Tools for Mac and Linux please follow this link or download FREE trial of PhpED - NuSphere PHP IDE for Mac OS, Linux and Windows and see for yourself.

 Download NuSphere PHP IDE

Download a free trial of the fast PHP EDitor and robust Integrated Development Environment for PHP.

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"To be honest its bloody awesome, I have looked at loads of PHP editors and this is THE only one that actual works straight out of the box!!! Brilliant, well done."
Andrew Breward,
Director of Technology


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