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Protecting PHP files with NuSphere's Nu-Coder

Nu-Coder is a PHP Encoder, which protects your PHP source code by converting it to compiled irreversible PHP bytecodes for accelerated runtime performance.

Protect PHP Files - Nu-Coder Features Overview

Functionality available in Nu-Coder covers all your needs with respect to encoding and protection of PHP Files. The features include:

Encode PHP Graphical User Interface for Windows - encode all of your PHP files with one click of a button, deploy on Unix, Linux, Windows or Mac

Command Line Encoder for Unix, Linux and Mac OS operating systems

Graphical and Command Line Encoder for Windows Encode in PHP IDE

License Manager for generation of license files for encoded PHP Scripts

Ability to generate licenses automatically on-demand on the server

Encoding PHP Scripts with compiled bytecodes

Better execution performance than regular PHP files

Support for both PHP versions 4 and 5 - including PHP 5.3

Multi-level Obfuscation - Encode PHP Files and obfuscate the code in it by replacing the names of the variables, functions, methods of objects and scripts with generated ones

Tight integration with all NuSphere products, such as PhpED and PhpDock

Whole set of API functions available in PhpExpress

And more ...

NuSphere provides three different interfaces with Nu-Coder:

Easy to use Graphical User Interface to standalone Nu-Coder

Command Line Interface to a standalone Nu-Coder

Graphical User Interface to Nu-Coder from PhpED - NuSphere PHP IDE

All interfaces allow the user to pass various parameters to the encoder to control the way PHP Sources are compiled into bytecodes and the creation of output files.
Using either of these interfaces you can:

Encode and protect PHP files in the entire given directory and its sub-directories

Encode single PHP file and save results into output file.

Tell Nu-Coder to create output file's name by appending given extension at the end of the source file name

Overwrite the source file with encoded content

Perform Syntax check only and not produce any encoded content

In directory processing mode, encode only files with certain extensions (defaults are php and inc)

Copy all non-php files into target directory

Ignore errors and continue encoding

Turn off support for short php tags <? ?>

Turn on support for asp style php tags <%>

Keep extended information for php debugger and php profiler

Preserve line numbers information

Do not strip php-doc comments, useful for reflection

Exclude specified files from encoding when processing entire directories. For example Nu-Coder will not encode config_mysite.php if --exclude option is specified as --exclude config*.php

Ability to exclude specified files from copying when option -copyall is used

Ability to automatically load PhpExpress - NuSphere's FREE PHP Accelerator and loader from extensions directory even if it is not loaded in php.ini (for PHP 5.2 and higher only)

Protecting PHP files with Graphical User Interface

Nu-Coder GUI provides an easy, fast and user friendly way to specify the files and directories you need to protect, set the options used for encoding and produce the encoded PHP files with one click of a button.

Protecting PHP files with Command Line Interface

Encoding PHP files with Nu-Coder Command Line Interface is as easy as it gets. You can encode one PHP file or an entire directory in a batch mode. Read simple Nu-Coder CLI tutorial or just type nu-coder.exe -h (or -help) and PHP Encoder will tell you all about itself.

Protecting PHP files with PhpED Graphic User Interface

Develop with the best PHP IDE, protect you PHP Files with the great PHP Encoder and publish your PHP Code to the production servers with just one button click. Learn about Graphic User Interface to Nu-Coder in PhpED

Protecting and distributing PHP files with PHP Encoder's License Manager

Nu-Coder's license manager helps you to manage the distribution of PHP applications by generating license keys that can required by encoded files to run. Using licenses manager you can create trial and demo versions of PHP applications without any code changes.

Deploying Encoded PHP files with NuSphere PhpDock

NuSphere PhpDock is a unique PHP deployment solution, which enables you to deploy any PHP web application as a Stand Alone Windows Desktop application w/o any changes in the code. Starting with version 1.6 PhpDock fully supports deployment of encoded PHP files same way it does it with regular PHP and HTML source files. No additional action is required.

Deploying Encoded PHP files with NuSphere PhpExpress

PHP files encoded with NuSphere Nu-Coder require special loader present in PHP interpreter. PhpExpress is NuSphere Free PHP loader and accelerator that provides support for encoded files and also speeds up the execution of regular PHP files.
PhpExpress can be downloaded from NuSphere website and distributed Free Of Charge without limitations. Every Nu-Coder installation also comes with PhpExpress.
This is how PhpExpress works:

When PHP interpreter executes any PHP script it first compiles the script into bytecodes. However Nu-Coder produces PHP files that have been already compiled into bytecodes.
PhpExpress loads encoded PHP scripts directly into PHP engine saving time and boosting performance of PHP interpretor
PhpExpress also implements caching for PHP engine and accelerates execution process even if PHP Script is not encoded

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