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NuSphere PhpED - New Features

Nusphere PhpED 20.0

PhpED version 5.9.5 is a large intermediate release built on top of version 5.9. The goal of PhpED 5.9.5 release is to enhance PHP IDE with the "hot" features requested by PHP Developers and let them take full advantage of the support of PHP 5.3 features provided in the major release of PhpED 5.9. It also further improves the support for PHP Editor's Web 2.0 stack with the features like Auto Close HTML Tags and Auto Add HTML attribute values.

New in PhpED 5.9.5

Ability to specify different Debugging settings for different Projects - PHP developers can now easily switch from local debugging to remote, from Srv Web server to Apache/ISS etc. - all Settings of PHP Debugger can now be specified in Project Properties
Remote debugging feature will now automatically handle the router in the network between PHP IDE and PHP debugger on the server
Auto Highlight variable - click on PHP variable and the system will highlight all occurrences of this variable in the Editor. Also highlighted are open/close HTML tags
Auto Close HTML Tags - IDE automatically adds closing bracket when you type in HTML tag
Auto Add HTML attributes - IDE automatically displays required attributes when the tag is entered
much more - download FREE trial of PHP IDE at
Updated Mozilla embedded browser: also known as PHP Viewer has been updated to version Mozilla 3.5

Features introduced in PhpED 5.9

Full support for PHP 5.3 in all parts of the IDE. PHP 5.3 constructs are provisioned in Code Explorer, Code Explorer, and entire code insight, including Php Code Completion and Code Folding
PHP 5.3 is included in PhpED install. PhpED is PHP IDE that can get you started coding PHP 5.3 or PHP other versions as soon as you install it. There are no additional steps required. At the same time, if you have your own installations of PHP or Web Servers, none of the PhpED will interfere with your system. Instead it will integrate seamlessly with XAMP, WAMP and any other bundles.
PHP Debugger for PHP 5.3. NuSphere's DBG - Php Debugger working with PHP 5.3
PHP 5.3 added to Functions. PHP Functions windows of PhpED now supports all built-in functions of PHP 5.3, classes and constants
PHP IDE Debugger
PHP Manual easily available through PhpED's Context Help is updated for PHP 5.3
PHP Code explorer and PHP Code navigator both updated for name spaces. Learn more about code navigation tools in PHP IDE
Updated Mozilla embedded browser: also known as PHP Viewer has been updated to version Mozilla 3.5

Whether you are programming on PHP 5.3 or any other version of PHP, PhpED will sure make your day - please download FREE trial of NuSphere's PHP IDE at

Features introduced in previous version

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