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NuSphere PhpED - The World Famous PHP IDE

Meeting the requirements of the growing php community NuSphere Corporation has launched the special NuSphere Educational Program.
The goals of the program is to contribute to further development of php scripting language by making the best PHP IDE available to educational users.
Academic Classroom Licenses allow for use of the fully-functional version of the software for educational and teaching uses in classrooms, by professors, trainers, and students. If you're a university, college or other education institution teaching php along with other web applications development technologies, please apply to Sales Dept to receive a FREE Academic Edition of PhpED for using NuSphere PhpED in your lab or class.
In your application, please give us:
  • name, address and contact numbers of the education institution you represent
  • your position
  • course duration and program
  • number of students expected to enroll for the program.
Note: check here first if you qualify to receive this discount.

If you're a student, faculty, staff or employee of the education institution interested in a single PhpED license for personal use, please contact Sales Dept to obtain a special discount for education users. In your application please provide:
  • name, address and contact numbers of your education institution
  • course you take at the institution / your position
  • valid student ID (if you're a student)
Note: check here first if you qualify to receive this discount.

Please contact us if you have any questions on NuSphere Educational Program. Want to try it out first? Click here to evaluate the product.

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