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PHP Editor enhancements

The Best PHP Editor gets new features as part of PhpED 4.6.2 Service/Feature pack.

Look what we made for you:

The Explorer will map remote file's name when possible at the download time and prompt the user with corresponding local path.

In Explorer tab just select a remote file from FTP account and click download on the popup menu. PhpED will lookup existing Active Project, find a file with the same name in it and set the path to that file in the dialog. Php Editor Download in Explorer

Jumping to the matched bracket selects text between the brackets.

How many times did you need to change the code between the brackets - curly brackets or parenthesis? With PhpED 4.6.2 you can simply select a bracket, hit Shift+F2 to find the matching bracket and the text between the matching brackets will be automatically selected for you. Php Editor Text in Matching Brackets

The user can configure the display of the right margin vertical line in PHP Editor.

One of the things NuSphere is well known for is attention to details. Details are crucial for the GUI, simple thing like vertical line at 80-th position can make or break somebody's day. Just go to Tools->Settings->Editor->Appearance and check Right Margin. You can also specify the position of the vertical line in that settings tab. Php Editor Right Margin

Also in PhpED 4.6.2 PHP Editor enhancements:

  • Jump To Word beginning or end (Ctrl+Right or Ctrl+Left) will stop at word ends and work similar to Visual Studio
  • CSS code completion for CSS attributes will add a colon followed by semicolon and place cursor between them - another productivity booster from PhpED

Additional technical information is available from the NuSphere Forum. Download a free trial of our PHP IDE today!

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