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Deploying Encoded PHP files with NuSphere PhpDock>
Last updated: Tue, 09 Sep 2008

Overview of NuSphere PhpExpress

PhpExpress is NuSphere Free PHP loader and accelerator that provides support for encoded files and also speeds up the execution of regular PHP files.

Please note that if you are using PHP files encoded with NuSphere NuCoder PhpExpress is required to be installed on the server.

This is how PhpExpress works:
  • When PHP interpreter executes any PHP script it first compiles the script into bytecodes. However NuCoder produces PHP files that have been already compiled into bytecodes.
  • PhpExpress loads encoded PHP scripts directly into PHP engine saving time and boosting performance of PHP interpreter
  • PhpExpress also implements caching for PHP engine and accelerates execution process even if PHP Script is not encoded

Obtaining PhpExpress

PhpExpress can be downloaded from NuSphere website and distributed Free Of Charge without limitations. Every NuCoder installation also comes with PhpExpress.

How to download PhpExpress from NuSphere Website

You can download the archive containing PhpExpress from Free Downloads area of your NuSphere Account. To do that:
  • Create NuSphere Account and login
  • Click on Free Downloads
  • Follow the link to NuSphere PhpExpress for the Operating System of your server to start the download process
  • Save NuSphere-PhpExpress-2.0.zip file for Windows or NuSphere-PhpExpress-2.0.tag.gz for Linux/Unix to the disk
  • For windows - using WinZip or similar program unzip NuSphere-PhpExpress-2.0.zip in the directory of your choice
  • For Linux/Unix - use the following command to unfold NuSphere-PhpExpress-2.0.tag.gz tar -xvfz Nusphere-PhpExpress-2.0.tag.gz
  • The uncompressed archive will create a directory "NuSphere-PhpExpress" with phpexpress-php-x.x.dll files for Windows or phpexpress-php-x.x.so for Linux/Unix (where x.x is the version of PHP compatible with the module)
How to obtain PhpExpress from NuCoder installation

PhpExress extensions for all operating systems can be found in the folder "loader" of your NuCoder installation

How to install NuSphere PhpExpress

NuSphere PhpExpress is a regular PHP extension, which makes it easy to install and deploy. To install PhpExpress:
  • Open php.ini file for editing
  • Add line extension=phpexpress-php-x.x.dll if you are deploying on Windows, extension=phpexpress-php-x.x.so if you are deploying on Unix, Linux or Mac OS operating systems (where x.x is the version of PHP compatible with the module)
  • Copy phpexpress-php-x.x.dll or phpexpress-php-x.x.so in the PHP extensions directory specified in php.ini file
  • Stop and Start Apache if you are running PHP as Apache module
  • Execute call to phpinfo() function and make sure that PhpExpress is properly installed
Once PhpExpress is installed on the server, you can execute PHP Scripts encoded with NuCoder as well as regular, not encoded PHP scripts. In both cases you will gain an improved performance in the execution of the scripts.

How to monitor PHP Cache implemented by NuSphere PhpExpress

PhpExpress accelerates execution of PHP scripts by caching them and avoiding unnecessary compilation. You can view and control PHP Cache created by PhpExpress with a single function call to the PHP function phpexpress() provided by PhpExpress PHP extension. phpexpress() produces the output similar to phpinfo() with the user Interface to administer PhpExpress cache. The output of phpexpress() is illustrated below:

Please note that PHP caching is only enabled when PHP is running as an extension of the Web Server - dll on windows or shared object on Linux/Unix/Mac Operating Systems. Caching of PHP scripts when PHP is running in CGI mode is not useful and therefore disabled.

Deploying Encoded PHP files with NuSphere PhpDock>
Last updated: Tue, 09 Sep 2008