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How to debug CakePHP view files

Oh, these .thtml files again! Sure, there is plenty of PHP code in them to debug. How can you debug non-php files? The power of NuSphere's PHP Debugger comes to the rescue once again. Even though view files are not technically php files, you can debug them if you associated them with PHP in Files->Settings->Associations as described earlier in this tutorial. You can certainly set the Association now as well and simply go ahead and set the break point in any .thtml file on the line where php is executed - using F5 shortcut or Toggle Breakpoint Pop-up Menu item.
The next time this break point is hit - for example when the view file is included in php via require instruction, the debugger will stop there and you can debug the code in .thtml file as you would normally debug PHP file. For example, you can see the whole call stack leading to the inclusion of your edit.thtml file: CakePHP PHP debugger thtml files

Not quite simple, don't you think? The convenience of using PHP Frameworks is paid for by the complexity of these frameworks.

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