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Last updated: Tue, 19 Sep 2006


(no version information, might be only in CVS)

SDO_DAS_XML::createDocument --  Creates an XML Document object from scratch, without the need to load a document from a file or string.


SDO_DAS_XML_Document SDO_DAS_XML::createDocument ( [string document_element_name] )

SDO_DAS_XML_Document SDO_DAS_XML::createDocument ( string document_element_namespace_URI, string document_element_name )


This function is EXPERIMENTAL. The behaviour of this function, the name of this function, and anything else documented about this function may change without notice in a future release of PHP. Use this function at your own risk.

Creates an XML Document object. This will contain just one empty root element on which none of the properties will have been set. The purpose of this call is to allow an application to create an XML document from scratch without the need to load a document from a file or string. The document that is created will be as if a document had been loaded that contained just a single empty document element with no attributes set or elements within it.

createDocument() may need to be told what the document element is. This will not be necessary in simple cases. When there is no ambiguity then no parameter need be passed to the method. However it is possible to load more than one schema file into the same XML DAS and in this case there may be more than one possible document element defined: furthermore it is even possible that there are two possible document elements that differ only in the namespace. To cope with these cases it is possible to specify either the document element name, or both the document element name and namespace to the method.



The name of the document element. Only needed if there is more than one possibility.


The namespace part of the document element name. Only needed if there is more than one possible document element with the same name.

Return Values

Returns an SDO_XML_DAS_Document object on success.



Thrown if an element name or element name and namespace URI is passed, but not found in the underlying model.

Last updated: Tue, 19 Sep 2006