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    The market for cost-effective, reliable Internet application development tools and solutions offers tremendous opportunities. NuSphere embraces this opportunity by developing and distributing products and services that rely on some of the industry's most popular technologies such as open source technologies. We welcome partners who want to share in our success. Together we can deliver applications and services to meet the demands of serious, cost-conscious application developers, and IT and business professionals.

    Solution Providers

    Reselling or building applications that are built-on some of today's hottest new technologies? NuSphere is constantly looking for smart business partners who are interested in reselling and/or adding value to NuSphere products and services. NuSphere Solution Provider Partners are locally focused and deliver both the technical and sales resources needed to service the NuSphere community worldwide. If you resell or enhance solutions that might complement our product suite, take a moment to register with NuSphere Direct and complete our Business Partner Application Survey.

    System/Web Integrators

    NuSphere System/Web Integrators are technology leaders, developers, and consultants who possess proven expertise in employing best practices for building and deploying e-Business infrastructures. They work closely with clients to design and implement applications incorporating NuSphere products. Together with NuSphere, System/Web Integrators are driven to meet the demanding needs of large IT infrastructures as well as small to mid-sized business looking for reliable, cost-effective Internet applications. To learn more about becoming a NuSphere System or Web Integrator, Contact Us and direct your inquiry to Partner Info.


    NuSphere OEMs integrate NuSphere applications into their own software products, enhancing the offering to their clients. NuSphere OEM partners are key to allowing us to significantly increase the breadth and depth of our offerings. OEMs enable faster, more cost-effective deployment and enhanced services to application developers and IT professionals worldwide. To learn more about becoming a NuSphere OEM, Contact Us and direct your inquiry to Partner Info.

    Technology Providers

    NuSphere Technology Provider Partners are leading technology companies or individuals who are dedicated to enhancing NuSphere solutions with complementary add-on products and technologies. Since our goal is to deliver a complete, cost-effective solutions that business relies on, it is critical that each quarterly release contain the productivity tools and professional applications that make deploying a web-driven environment easy. Technology Partners contribute applets and applications, or they deliver the technology behind NuSphere products and services. For information about becoming a Technology Provider Partner, Contact Us and direct your inquiry to Partner Info.


    Wholesale or retail... NuSphere is always looking for people to stock and sell our packaged software products. Purchasing NuSphere products is easy. NuSphere Solution Providers, resellers and ISVs, and worldwide distributors are key to the success of getting reliable, cost-effective software packages into industry's hands. Help NuSphere span the globe by becoming an official NuSphere distributor. To sign up, take a moment to register with NuSphere Direct and complete our Business Partner Application Survey.



    QBS Software is the United Kingdom's leading software supplier and supporter for more than fifteen years. Now it is offers PhpED for sale and also provides support for its customers in the UK.

    qaSignature (www.qasignature.com) specializes in developing the most advanced QA Automation Testing Services available. For the past 7 years, qaSignature specialized in helping application software vendors transform their businesses into low cost software development models by automating the quality assurance testing process. qaSignature automated the testing for companies to include Cisco, Symantec, McAfee, eBay, Constant Contact, CardScan, Progress Software, Kronos, Amicas, and Ardais, saving them 100's of Thousands of Dollars annually.

    Whether you are new to automated testing, have tried but haven't achieved the success you expected, or you have an urgent project to offload, we can help. qaSignature has over 100 person years of automation experience and a methodology that guarantees results for a fixed price.