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PHP Smarty Modifiers

Escaping Values

The "escape" modifier encodes or escapes values. The first argument indicates the type of escaping to perform, with "html" as the default. The options are:
Click for full image of the escape modifier result
Turns & " ' < > into entity equivalents.
Turns all HTML tags into entity equivalents.
Makes the value safe to pass in a URL (like PHP's urlencode() function).
Escapes quotes by preceding them with the backslash.
Turns characters into their hex equivalent.
Turns characters into their hex entity equivalent. (see the image at right)
Uses JavaScript to help hide how the value looks in the HTML source code.
Turns 'something@example.com' into 'something [AT] example [DOT] com'
For protecting e-mail addresses, also see Obfuscating E-mail Addresses. The "strip_tags" modifier removes all HTML tags entirely.

Adjusting Spacing

The "indent" modifier indents lines 4 spaces (you can change this default indent). The "nl2br" modifier converts newline characters to HTML break tags. The "spacify" modifier inserts a space between every character in a value. Its one parameter allows you to change what character (or sequence of characters) is inserted. The "strip" modifier removes repeated spacing characters (spaces, newlines, and tabs) with a single space. The "word_wrap" modifier wraps a string to a set length. It's equivalent to PHP's wordwrap() function.

Replacing Values using Smarty Replace Modifier

The "replace" modifier performs a simple string replacement on a value, like PHP's str_replace() function. The following replaces uses of 'foo' with 'bar':
The "regex_replace" modifier allows you to apply Perl-compatible regular expressions to values. It's equivalent to PHP's preg_replace() function.

Formatting Strings

The "string_format" modifier is the equivalent of PHP's sprintf() function, used to format a string. The "truncate" modifier truncates a string to a length. By default, this modifier truncates a string to approximately 80 characters, ending at a word, and adds an ellipsis (...) to the value. "truncate" is an obvious tool for putting a preview of a longer bit of text on a page.

Modifying Arrays

The @ symbol applies a modifier to an entire array, rather than to each element in the array.

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