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PHP Smarty Functions

Smarty Conditionals

Conditionals can be created in Smarty using the "if", "ifelse", and "else" functions. Unlike conditionals in PHP, a Smarty conditional uses closing and opening {if}{/if}. Smarty supports the same comparative operators as PHP: ==, !=, >, <, >=, <=, and ===. Smarty also uses text equivalents: "eq" for ==, "ne" or "neq" for !=, "gt" for >, and so on. You can also use: logical operators (&&, ||, "and", "or"); the negation operator (!, or the equivalent "not"); the modulus operator (% or "mod"); and a few strings like "is even", "is not even", and so on. A basic conditional in a Smarty template looks like
{if $var eq 'some value} 
    This is printed. 
{elseif $var eq 'this value} 
    This is printed instead. 
    This is the default. 
Note that unlike a conditional in PHP, you don't have to use echo statements to print values, as this is within a Smarty template.

Smarty Loops

The "section" and "foreach" functions can be used to create loops. "section" is like a standard FOR loop; "foreach" can be used on a single associative array, like a FOREACH loop in PHP. The PHP code
for ($i = 1; $i <= 10; $i++) { 
    echo $i . ''; 
the result of running this code - call php function from smarty template
would be written in a Smarty template as
{section name='i' start=1 loop=10} 
The "start" value is the beginning index position; "loop" indicates how many times the loop should run. The "sectionelse" function can be used if an array has no items in it (and therefore the loop is never executed):
{section name='this_loop' start=1 loop=10} 
    There are no items to print. 
The "foreach" function has two required arguments: "from", which is the array being used, and "item", which is the name of the current array element within the loop. The PHP code
foreach ($array as $v) { 
    echo $v . ''; 
would be written in a Smarty template as
{foreach from=$array item=v}    


The "foreach" function can also reference array keys. The PHP code
foreach ($array as $k => $v) { 
    echo "$k: $v "; 
would be written in a Smarty template as
{foreach from=$array item=v key=k}    

{$k}: {$v}    

the result of running this code - using php function in smarty

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