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Smarty Basics

Smarty uses the curly brackets--{ and }--to delineate special code. Anything on a template page between the curly brackets will be handled by Smarty. Anything outside of those is treated literally. Smarty also has its own style of comments--{* and *}. Anything within those will have no effect and will not be sent in the HTML source code. This allows you to place comments within a template that are not viewable in a Web browser (unlike HTML comments). These same delineators can be used for multiline comments, as well. Variables in a template have the same naming conventions as those in PHP code, although they have to be within the curly brackets to be meaningful to Smarty. For example: {$var}. Numerical-indexed array elements can be accessed using $array[3]. Associative array elements can be accessed using $array.key or $array['key']. As in PHP, variables in Smarty are case-sensitive. Smarty has two types of special variables: configuration variables and $smarty. Configuration variables in a template are surrounded by hashmarks: #var#. The placeholder will be replaced with the corresponding value from a configuration file. $smarty is a special variable, providing a way to access configuration variables, $_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE, $_SESSION, etc., and a couple of other useful values. Smarty supports many other features, each of which is discussed on its own page of this PHP Tutorial:
Modifiers are used in templates to provide default modifications of placeholder values. Examples include changing a string's case, formating a date, or applying the nl2br() function.
Functions allow you to add logic to presentations by including files, looping through arrays, using conditionals, and so forth.
By applying caching to templated pages, you can improve a site's performance.
A few remaining topics are discussed here, including: the $smarty reserved variable, configuration files, debugging, plugins, math, and obfuscating e-mail addresses.

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