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CakePHP Development

Requirements for CakePHP with PhpED tutorial

There are a few things you will need:
  • CakePHP framework can be downloaded from cakephp.org
  • We assume that you have read and are familiar with CakePHP 15 minutes Blog tutorial, available at http://manual.cakephp.org/appendix/blog_tutorial
  • MySQL installed on your Windows box
  • Apache Web Server. In this article we will be using Apache installed with NuSphere Technology Platform - an integrated distribution of the most recent versions of Apache web server, PHP, along with other necessary development and administrating tools. However, everything we will be doing is very generic and independent of the way Apache is installed. You can follow the steps outlined in this tutorial if you are using any other installation of Apache, for example XAMP - which is used in NuSphere's Joomla Development tutorial.
  • PhpED - NuSphere's PHP IDE. If you don't have PhpED yet you can download a free trial of our famous PHP IDE here.
We will make certain assumptions before we begin. We will assume that you:
  • Install CakePHP in Document Root of your Apache - as suggested in CakePHP 15 minutes Blog tutorial. We will install CakePHP files in the folder cakeBlog under Apache's DocumentRoot.
  • Properly installed and configured MySQL
Also in this article we will often refer to the folder
C:\Program Files\nusphere\TechPlatform\apache\htdocs as DocumentRoot.
We will be following the steps described in CakePHP 15 minutes Blog tutorial and make multiple references to that tutorial.

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